Mike Entwisle's MG Workshop Ltd.
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  • MOT Preparation: A service I offer for all vehicles, the easy stress free way to obtain a "ticket."
  • MG Workshop services: Classic car and MG repairs, servicing, race car support and preparation for racing or a long holiday.
  • MG Race car preparation: I have been preparing and competing in MGs for over forty years. From MMM cars to FIA Class MGBs. Over the years my customers and I have had may class wins and Championship victories. Speed with reliability is my aim in preparing a race car.
  • Restoration: I have rebuilt cars that were basket cases and brought back to life others that had been in long storage. All of them interesting projects and most worthwhile when completed. Most things are possible, some just take longer than others.
  • Engines: The engine is the heart of the car. Whether standard or modified, 1920s Austin 7 or the most modern Subaru Boxer variable timing quad cam turbo engine. I've done the lot. I can build you the engine of your dreams.
  • Gearboxes: Always a challenge, the gearbox translates the power of the engine into smooth controlled motion of the car. I have always thought of rebuilding gearboxes as a theraputic challenge. Uprating and enhancing the performance of a gearbox is one of my favorite tasks.
  • Crypton tuning and diagnostics: From the late 1960s I have used electronic tuning aids in preparing and repairing race engines.These are important tools in the diagnosis of impending and incipient failures. I also have built a distributor test rig for long and short term proofing of all ignition components.
  • Dynamometer Testing: For over 20 years I have been using my Heenan Froude dynamometer for engine testing. Results are corrected to DIN standards. Accurate results are used to refine cam timings, carburettor settings and ignition curves.
  • Chassis Tuning: It is vital to have the correct wheel alignment both side to side and front to rear, setting the correct castor, camber, king pin inclination and corner weights. Careful setting will result in a better balanced, responsive car both on the track and road.